Via Rocket Rates

Via is excited to announce Rocket Rates! When demand is skyrocketing, Via Driver Partners should earn more. During Rocket Rate hours, fares will be multiplied by the announced Rocket Rate.

How do Rocket Rates Work?

  • Via will announce Rocket Rates via text message

    Via will send an SMS to let you know when there will be Rocket Rates! For example:

    VIA MSG: Demand for Via is skyrocketing! Earn a 1.3x Rocket Rate from 7 to 8:30 am tomorrow morning.

  • Head to the Via service zone during Rocket Hours

    Fares throughout the Via service zone will be worth more when Rocket Rates are announced.

  • Follow Via’s demand maps

    Go to the areas of highest demand for the best chance of scoring the Shared Ride Bonus. Rocket Rates will apply to both shared and solo trips!

  • How do Rocket Rates affect my Flex Fares?

    During Rocket Rate hours, the base fare, time, and distance portions of fares are multiplied by the Rocket Rate.